These videos shaped and reinforced my thoughts of Burning Man

My Playa Adventure:
This was the first video that made me want to go to Burning Man. I loved how this group of people had such a great time together. 

Robot Heart: 
This is one of my favorites. It is a very long video, but it is the perfect video to watch when you get back from the playa. Its smooth track will bring your heart right back to the burn. 

Hula Cam:
This was the first video I saw when I got back from Burning Man in 2012. It was a really creative video. I only wish that they did it in HD. I think this video put Porter Robinson on the map. 

Charlie Goes to Burning Man:
If you have ever thought of going to Burning Man,  this is the first video I would watch. For me, it was very touching and heart warming. I think this video captured my own personal first experience. 

This Ellie Goulding song is perfect for the burn. Last I checked, this video only had 200,000 views. It has some great video footage and really is one of the best videos of Burning Man. 

Oh, the Places You'll Go!:
This is a classic Burning Man video that shows the different types of outfits and people you will see at Burning Man.  I think a little too "stereotypical" of people think you need to be like at Burning Man, but fun nonetheless. 

My first Video: (2014)
This was my first attempt at making a video of my experience in 2014. I didn't make a video in 2012, because most of the time, I wanted to experience Burning Man without being behind the lens of a camera. Since this was the first year I brought Tracy, I decided it would be fun to take some videos and photos. 

My Second Video: (2015) 
Because Tracy broke her knee before the burn, I brought my 8 year old daughter with me along with 2 other virgin burners.  This is the video I made for her so she can remember her first Burning Man Experience.